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You may not think it, but the roofing of your commercial building can have a significant impact on virtually every aspect of your company. Some forms of roofing retain heat. In the summer, this can be a severe problem. Your employees may have trouble working under such extreme heat.

Additionally, the air conditioning costs will exacerbate the financial loss caused by your office’s decreased productivity. Conklin Roofing Systems provides the ultimate solution to these issues. At Midwest Diversified Inc, we are proud to be one of the leading providers of Conklin Roofing in Lawrence, KS.

What Makes Conklin Roofing So Special?

Conklin Roofing Systems has been leading the charge in commercial roofing innovation for almost 50 years and revolutionized the industry. Conklin is often hailed as the pioneer of “cool roofs,” owing to the remarkable heat resistant abilities of its coatings. A Conklin cool roof is designed to reflect heat and UV rays. It is estimated that the typical Conklin product reflects somewhere between 80 to 85% of heat in stark contrast to the hot tar roofs of old. By preventing extreme heat from entering your premises, a Conklin cool roof will unburden your employees and allow them to work at peak productivity. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about spending excessive amounts on air conditioning and other forms of electronic cooling, reducing both your company’s expenditure and its carbon footprint. 

Why Choose Midwest Diversified Inc to Install Your Conklin Roof?

At Midwest Diversified Inc, we have been serving the people of Lawrence, Kansas, for more than two decades. We have also worked with clients all over our beloved sunflower state, as well as across the surrounding ten state areas. In doing so, we have introduced all of America to the skill of Kansas workers. Our roofing experts are fully-insured and certified. Together, they have completed over 3 million square feet of commercial roofing. Much of this has involved the installation of Conklin cool roofs. As the leading provider of Conklin Roofing in Lawrence, KS, we offer a wide selection of the brand’s most popular products. These include Benchmark, PumaXL, Activate, and Rapid Roof III. At Midwest Diversified Inc, we are concerned with more than just making money. We want your business to thrive as a result of our services. For that reason, we offer all of our Conklin services at affordable rates, further reducing the money your updated roof will cost your business. We even offer re-coatings for half of the initial application price! 

Call to Book A Consultation Today!

It is quite likely your office's current roof is costing you productivity and money as you read this. With this in mind, you should not delay in contacting us here at Midwest Diversified Inc. Our expert roofers can provide swift and effective installation of a Conklin cool roof. The cooling and energy-saving benefits of which will be immediately noticeable to everybody in your office. Contact Midwest Diversified Inc today to schedule a consultation and discover how a Conklin cool roof can help you maximize your commercial property.

Working to Save You Money

Midwest Diversified Inc is different from other commercial roofing companies; we're not focused on getting you to sign a contract with us, rather, we're more interested in finding the most affordable way to meet your roofing needs. We know that offering our customers real value means using the best materials obtainable, providing quality workmanship, and offering exceptional customer service. Before you hire another roofer, spend a few moments on our website looking at the many ways we can serve you as a customer at Midwest Diversified Inc.

Our Reputation Speaks For Itself

Ask a Midwest Diversified Inc customer and you're likely to hear phrases like budget-friendly, customer-focused, and easy to work with. Our reputation as one of the best commercial roofers in the Lawrence community means we remain committed to meeting your needs first instead of considering our bottom line. We're pleased to offer potential clients a free consultation in order to give you the time you need to compare services and rates among roofing companies. If you need proof that we're the best choice for your commercial roofing project, you'll find our credentials listed on our website.

When looking for a lasting solution to your roofing issues rather than a band-aid fix, reach out to one of our roofing technicians by phone or through our website for more information. We stand behind the work we perform with an industry-leading warranty that is sure to give you peace of mind throughout your roofing project.

Conklin Roofing Lawrence KS
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Conklin Roofing Lawrence KS
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